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My name is Tony and thirty odd years ago I set out alone to ride around Britain. I only managed three weeks before a dodgy knee and the realisation that I found myself a bit boring led me to postpone the rest of the trip. Now with the prospect of company in the form of Gill and the hope that decades of being knocked about by life might have made me more interesting I’m going to give it another go. We will be setting off in April 2014 and this will be our “big adventure”. The one we bore the grandchildren with and the one we bring up at dinner parties when other people are talking about the value of their house and their pension funds. The plan is to travel clockwise around the coast but without being too rigid about the route or even whether or not we finish. We have six months if the money holds out and the only commitment we are making is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. I will be making occasional posts building up to the actual trip just to set the scene and I intend to make regular updates (though not daily) once we are on the road. You’re welcome to come along for the ride (literally if you have a bike and want to join us for a day or two) but please don’t expect a work of significant literature. It’s a diary, that’s all.

My name is Gill and as Tony says I will be keeping him company on the ‘big adventure’. Before I met him cycling round Britain in any direction wasn’t on my agenda, cycling any where come to that! I had a bike lurking somewhere at the back of the shed gathering dust but I don’t think I had done more than a couple of miles on a bike for several decades.

With incredible patience he reintroduced me to cycling and nurtured and encouraged me. From my first abortive attempt at 3 miles to eventually completing a 120 odd mile ride (only the one though) he has been with me all the way, and there have been some painfully slow rides along the way. There is no greater reward for slogging up that hill than the view from the top and the thrill of rushing down the other side.

It has been a long process to get to this point. We have some great friends we have met through cycling, and now this fantastic opportunity to travel round Britain by bike. I know people who think we are completely bonkers, those who get it but wouldn’t do it, those who would love to accompany us, and those who have already had bigger adventures than this. This is our chance to do something life changing and I can’t wait to get started.

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